• Are you tired of losing the same 20 pounds over and over again?    
  • Do you feel like you can never lose the fat and keep it off?  
  • Do you need to feel better, have more energy and feel sharper?
  • Are you interested in learning how to get the fat off and keep it off?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have good news for you.  

It’s time to change your life and fire up your metabolism 4life!


"A Lifestyle for a Lifetime!"

This is a hybrid program consisting of over 60+ years combined with nutrition/science/biochemical knowledge. If you think this plan will be OK without the specific non-synthetic nutraceuticals designed for optimal system functioning, you're wrong!  If you think that eating processed bars, smoothies and mis-combined meals is the correct way to lose weight, you're right! You'll lose 50% fat and then 50% bone and muscle and then gain all the fat back when you try to resume what you think is a normal way of eating; which put you where you are right now in the first place! Our program makes it possible for you to never struggle again! We "train the brain" for proper functioning. You can't do that with smoothies, meal replacement drinks and processed substitute protein bars. There is no counting or measuring. That's not natural nor is it sustainable! This is a lifestyle!

We are using 2 companies for our specific products. Why? Because this program works with the tools designed and we only use the best and the most healthy. One company doesn't make one of the products that is essential. So we researched for the best we could find. 

To follow this exactly to a " T ", is to be serious about wanting the best health possible for the rest of your life! The mechanism of this is to establish a low level of insulin that is steady and  consistent. We put you into an Accelerated Fat Burning State whereby  your brain will switch and turn onto burning stored fat, rather than your starches, sugars and food. It will completely eliminate that opposition or spikes and bottoming out of your blood sugars. Excellent for those with blood sugar issues; many of who can not lose the fat. It's amazing how fast it works! 

The Support Calls, Private Facebook Page and Archived Calls are invaluable!

'Biggest Loser' winners gain weight back!

This study says a dramatic restriction of calories to lose weight and strenuous exercise will result in a slower metabolism. When foods are added back the weight comes back on. To speed up your metabolism and melt the fat away, stay lean 4life, eating A LOT of delicious foods, order the eBook. Learn how to stay lean & healthy 4LIFE! 

This site is available to those that have enrolled into the "FLUSH YOUR FAT 4GOOD" program. If you are not enrolled as of yet, please get with the person that has referred you to get started. If no referral, please click here.

Test group 1 & 2 are now complete.  You can see some of the results here. We encourage you to download the eBook, purchase the required products GLA90 / CLA and get with your referral for the rest of the products for rapid fat loss. Then get ready for our support call Wednesdays.

We have a private Facebook page for Q&A, comments and great photos of people for encouragement and ideas for meals and snacks that are "legal".  Once booklet is purchased, instructions will follow.

We encourage you to get a "Flush Your Fat Buddy" to keep each other in check and to support and have fun losing the fat!

If you are enrolled by purchasing the booklet, you have been given a Login and Password to hear the Archived calls and be allowed on our Support Call and private Facebook page called, Flush The Fat 4Life Buddies. Also, we have  our POWER 100 Call for all those 100lbs or over. Great encouragement and excitement to never struggle again! 

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We use two companies for Rapid Fat Loss. 


Get with your referral  to choose your nutritional plan for rapid fat loss. 
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GLA ~ Research confirms deeper brown fat cells burn 3x more calories than surface white fat cells.

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is often the most deficient essential fatty acid in our diets. Supplementation of GLA helps stimulate metabolically active brown fat for optimum weight loss support.* 

Brown fat has been hailed as the "new obesity treatment," by the New England Journal of Medicine (April 2009). Primarily activated by cold, brown fat triggers the body to burn more calories and generate body heat. 

Overweight people have been found deficient in this fat, and by adulthood, brown fat may be metabolically inactive in many individuals. 

These metabolic properties make GLA-90 an invaluable component to the Flush The Fat 4Life program.

Stimulate Metabolism and Suppress Appetite*

As an omega-6 essential fatty acid, GLA triggers fat burning instead of fat storage. 

It increases fat metabolism by stimulating brown fat activity through its prostaglandin pathways to burn calories for energy. 

GLA also acts as an appetite suppressant by helping to raise the body's serotonin levels. 

Serotonin is a brain chemical that contributes to the feeling of fullness, which means you'll feel full before you overindulge.*

Keep Skin Moist and Glowing

Not only does GLA promote fat and weight loss, but it also helps keep your skin moist and glowing while supporting the skin's balanced inflammatory response.